Making great drip coffee

Each and every cup of coffee has the same two ingredients. Yet one cup tastes like perfectly balanced delicacy, and the other like drinking muddy water. The key lies in the ingredients and the method used to extract the flavor and oils from the coffee bean. That perfect cup of coffee doesn’t need to come […]

Coffee buying hints

Can you go very far in today’s society without seeing one, two, or maybe even three or four corner coffee shops? Coffee has become a part of our culture. We cherish the smell in the morning, the warmth and comfort on a rainy day, and the extra boost of energy on one of our down […]

Samoan Food Choices and Commodity as Cultural Definition

Helen first came to Washington State in late summer 2003 to attend college. Her home in American Samoa, in the last couple decades has become strongly influenced as a newer territory of the U.S., especially since America took over the majority of the government. The U.S. government takes little control over the customs, or living […]

Tips for Throwing a Party

A good party is when your guests feel welcome and have a good time. And most of all will return to the next party. To accomplish this you must be a good host or hostess. Do not invite more people than you can accommodate. Your guests will feel like they are being ignored and just […]

Using coffee in the garden

What’s common, makes good compost, repels gnats, flies and ants and you probably throw it out every morning? Used coffee grounds. If you garden, you should be scooping up every precious little bit of these. They make extraordinary compost whether you use them in a compost bin, sheet compost with them, or just sprinkle a […]

Choosing a small drip coffee maker

It’s possible to buy drip coffeemakers that will grind beans, work on a timer or probably even play the theme from Spider Man. That’s not what we’re talking about here, though. This is about buying a simple unit that will get you your dose of caffeine without giving you a headache in the process. I’ve […]

Crohn’s disease symptoms and complications of the anus

Anal is the terminal region of the gastrointestinal tract (digestive tract). It serves as an opening to the outside world. Through the anal canal feces (body waste products or stool) are discharged from the body. Anal problems arise during mild Crones disease symptoms (such as diarrhea) and mostly during chronic (severe) Crohn’s disease symptoms and […]

Mens Health Important Nutrients Nutrition

Nutrition should be a priority and part of every man’s health regimen and lifestyle. Even more important, is actually knowing what nutrients are the most essential and vital to our needs. Some of these nutrients can be found in most multi-vitamin supplements, but it is also best to know what foods contain these nutrients. A […]

Safely getting rid of coffee/tea stains from teeth

Safely Removing Coffee and Tea Stains From Your Teeth Smiling in the mirror I notice the yellow, buttery tinge to my teeth. “Ugh, it’s those dreaded coffee and tea stains.” Smiling, with a gleaming show of white, straight teeth is beneficial for positive first impressions. In the past, coffee and tea lovers have had the […]

10 Nutrients Men need

As we dart from place to place in today’s fast paced world it has become increasingly time efficient to down a soda or energy drink, toss a few coins in the office vending machine or grab a burger at the drive-thru window unfortunately the consequence of this trend is that the average American diet lacks […]