Get Your Life Back Now

Will you have a happier life if you are addicted to drugs? Well, as you might have noticed, the major reason why people become addicted to drugs is their inability to face some life challenges. By consuming drugs, they wish that they can solve their problems more quickly so they can enjoy their happy lives. […]

Choosing Health And Beauty Products That Are Safe For You

Skin is a sensitive area of your body and total protection is needed to make it healthy. When choosing skin care products, you are recommended to choose the quality of the products. It is essential for you to know if the product is safe and suitable for your skin. If you don’t know how to […]

Tina’s Asian Diet, Nutrition, and Fitness Blog

Thank you for visiting Asian Diet, Nutrition, and Fitness – a place where the positive health influences of several Asian Cultures are combined to provide insights into the things we all need to live healthy, fit, and disease free lives. The main theme here is that we are what we eat. It is no secret […]

Use filtered water to brew coffee and tea for improved taste

I do believe that filtered water can improve the taste of coffee and tea. And personally I use filtered water when possible when making either beverage. However, I think it should be stated that the improvement of taste due to filtered water is due not only to the actual use of the filtered water in […]

The ease of choosing a small drip coffee maker

Grabbing a quick cup of great tasting coffee has become even easier with the creation of the small, or even individual cup, drip coffee maker. But take care in choosing the one that is right for you! There are several critical components of any drip coffee maker. The fill reservoir Manufacturers have come up with […]

Plants enjoy coffee

Did you know your plants also enjoy coffee? That’s right, the grounds from your morning coffee are actually good for your plants. Nitrogen found in used coffee grounds will nourish your plants. Coffee grounds have nutrients in them that are good for your garden whether you are growing flowers or vegetables. Adding coffee grounds to […]

Tips and tricks for successfully buying coffee

As a Starbucks Barista, I am constantly giving people tips on what to look for when they are purchasing coffee. At Starbucks, every employee is required to complete a “Coffee Passport”. Which is simply a small book that you write in after you taste a coffee. I very recently completed my Coffee Passport. In this […]

Talking about espresso

I grew up thinking coffee was this thin, water-like substance that my parents drank with their breakfast. It came from a jar, and after being added to water, was mixed with great gusto until “coffee” was produced. I remember taking a drink once and saying, “Ick.” For years, my coffee adventure was at a standstill. […]

Drip coffee is the best brew

Coffee, the gift of God, to a sleepy world. My attachment to this magic bean and it’s elixir began in the summer of ’69. The year of peace and love. That year I rode my thumb from the Great Northwest to the California coast. It was in the little dives along the way that I […]

Truly exceptional drip coffee

If you want to make a great pot of coffee, I’ll tell you my secrets. I receive compliments all the time for my coffee, and a few years ago I began to wonder why? What was different about the coffee I was serving? This is what I figured out. Poor quality coffee tastes awful. It […]